Advanced & Flexible Payroll Management

Ensure your payments are managed efficiently with our Outsourced Payroll Services. We offer African businesses tailored payroll services to suit the nature of your operations. Priced competitively to enable off-site payroll management, our solutions save you time and money. Why outsource your payroll with stratogo?

Trusted and scalable payroll management
stratogo handles approximately 15,000 payslips per month through customizable payroll management suites specific to each business. Our remote payroll team with a combined experience of over 55 years in payroll and payroll legislation can manage your payments timely and with meticulous attention to detail. Learn More
Innovative payroll systems for success
stratogo consistently upgrades its payroll systems, engaging with SAGE, the DOL & SARS to ensure that management is fully compliant, up-to-date with changes in Payroll & Employees Tax treatment, and is administered as efficiently as possible. Qualified professionals audit our internal and external systems and procedures annually for quality assurance. Our partners are also given access to our Payroll App, a secure portal that offers employees access to personal data, HR documents, and payslips. Learn More
Secure and confidential services
stratogo Payroll and Reporting data is confidential and fully compliant with legislation. Data is protected on and off-site with a separate DR site as an additional contingency measure. Payroll-related outflows are secured by external and independent Payment Solutions Providers. And, high-quality backup systems and connectivity solutions ensure minimal, if any, downtime Learn More

Do you want to save time and money with trusted and effective payroll management?
Learn more about how our Outsourced Payroll Services can help you!

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