Premium HR Solutions for Business Expansion in Africa

Ensure your growth in Africa with our HR Outsourcing Services, including contract and payroll management. International expansion is essential for any business, but navigating the maze of international laws, opening entities overseas and managing onboarding takes a long time. It is also costly and requires collaboration across many different teams. stratogo streamlines the entire process with a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end HR services.

Why outsource your HR across Africa with stratogo?

Trusted and tailor-made services per country
Our extensive expertise in Employer of Records management throughout Africa makes us ready to respond to client needs with the best HR solutions to save time and money in full compliance and risk mitigation. stratogo designs the best end-to-end contract and payroll management process for efficient and effective HR outsourcing. These personalised services allow your employees to focus on their professional duties. Learn More
Robust payroll & benefits management process for success
stratogo constantly monitors and adjusts the payroll process according to our client’s needs with the in-country provider to guarantee that any changes in payroll and benefits for the employees are administered as efficiently as possible. Annual quality assurance assessments of our internal and external systems by qualified professionals ensure we deliver exceptional results. Learn More
Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) for your centralised HR services across Africa
stratogo’s Africa division has an in-depth understanding of the multiple labour laws across the continent and has experience managing single and multi-country projects. We handle the burden of dealing with the specifics of each country, enabling businesses to effortlessly transition operations into Africa. We allocate an account manager to be the focal point for your distant team, providing you with on-demand Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) support every step of the way. Learn More

Do you want to save time and money with trusted and effective contract and payroll management for your teams in Africa?
Learn more about how our HR Outsourcing Services across Africa can help you!

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