Diligent Direct Hires

Close the skills gap with perfectly-suited candidates seamlessly integrated into your Team. By partnering with stratogo as your strategic recruitment specialists - you also receive significant HR support and the opportunity for sustainable business growth. This is achieved through:

Personalising the direct hire procedure for quality candidates
We have created a strategic 6-stage hiring cycle to ensure that the permanent recruitment candidates we place meet your skills specifications while aligning with your unique organisational culture.
Seamlessly integrating staff
Your dedicated recruitment specialist will take care of all time and resource-consuming administrative tasks: from filtering through our talent pool to information verification and interviews, package acceptance and orientation to onboarding, payroll, disciplinary management and more! This is how we provide significant HR support and seamless talent integration.
Unlocking employee talent
The time and resources saved by our HR support services empower your HR team to invest that effort in other important areas of their roles and responsibilities. Whatsmore, our perfectly-suited placements decrease employee turnover - encouraging longer working relationships where potential is discovered and talent thrives.

From finding reliable receptionists to meticulous managers,
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