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Our premier talent pool consists of proven business catalysts, meticulously selected to meet your organisation's leadership needs. For significant HR support and sustainable business growth, stratogo is your strategic recruitment specialist of choice. We boost your business’s operational efficiency and save you money in the following ways:

Headhunting the best of the best
Our strategic recruitment specialists have nurtured a premier talent pool of candidates proven to be successful business leaders and productivity catalysts. By cross-referencing your unique skills requirements with these talented individuals, we can place high-performing individuals in positions to build better-performing bottom lines.
Reducing unnecessary overheads
Your dedicated recruitment specialists will facilitate all of the HR administration associated with recruitment as well as guide you with expert advice and industry knowledge. As time is money, our significant HR support allows your business to reallocate the excess financial resources and invest them into other profitable areas of operation - such as new business development or strategic planning.
Client satisfaction guarantee
stratogo has a range of quality guarantees in place to ensure client satisfaction for every potential outcome. For example, if we cannot deliver a successful recruitment solution, your organisation isn't charged a cent. However, when we do place the perfect candidate that your company needs; you enjoy a shorter time-to-hire, long and sustainable working relationships, and an increased competitive advantage.

From strategic CEOs
to Directors born to lead,

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