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Job Title
Marketing Administrative Assistant
Employment Type
Full Time
1 to 2 years
Job Published
08 April 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Position: Marketing Administrative Assistant

Location: Johannesburg

Job Summary:

The Marketing Administrative Assistant has an in-depth understanding of all the brands within the group. They are at the pulse of all leads generated by the companies marketing campaigns for all their stone and infinity surfaces, while assisting with the general marketing administrative tasks for all four brands.

This is an administration role that requires incredible organisational and communication skills. The success of this role relies on maintaining an extremely high level of customer service and the ability to manage a variety of tasks throughout the day.

Crucial to the PR efforts of the brands, the Marketing Administrative Assistant has direct contact to our end-user and provides the marketing department with the most accurate and current context of our target audience. With word-of-mouth marketing being more crucial than ever, this role ensures that the end-user has an exceptional overall brand experience, no matter what their needs are.

Although the position is a junior one, the incumbent will serve as essential support to the daily operations of the marketing department. This role also manages the functioning of the Designer Incentive and Warranty Programs. Responsibilities are likely to grow and develop along with the tenure of the position.

The role is perfect for someone who sees themselves as an admin machine with an eye for detail. General technological know-how and a “can do”, solutions-oriented attitude will make this job a pleasure

Skills and Personality Requirements:

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have a friendly and positive attitude
  • Be very organised and meticulous
  • Be reliable, responsible, and have the ability to work independently without constant supervision
  • Possess good people skills and be able to communicate in an appropriate and respectful way
  • Have the ability to undertake basic administrative tasks such as report writing and record keeping
  • Have strong computer literacy in MS Office and search engine operating
  • Have the capacity for attention to detail
  • Display a solid understanding of marketing principles is important

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Diploma/Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  • 1-2 years experience
  • Own Vehicle

Roles and Responsibilities:

Leads Protection

  • Receive all stone and infinity surfaces leads from our various channels on a daily basis. These platforms include (but not limited to): website, emails, helpline, WhatsApp, and Live Chat.
  • Respond to these leads by way of sending out relevant fabricator referrals.
  • Offers industry insight to end-user customers to ensure they receive more than just a typical helpline response.
  • Following up on all leads to ensure positive customer experience and to investigate whether or not they have converted to product purchase.
  • Regularly update the Leads Tracker spreadsheet.
  • Receive all stone and infinity surfaces general queries, sample requests, and technical complaints to distribute them to the relevant parties (product consultants, branch managers, and technical managers).
  • Compiling & delivering detailed monthly leads reports to the marketing department on all queries and interactions received, including ‘red-flagging’ any concerning or interesting information received from the end-user.

General Admin

Manage the product warranty system, which includes:

  • Registering the online product warranties
  • Email the end-user to notify them about the activation of their warranty
  • Activate the dispatch of their cleaning kits delivery
  • General marketing assistance for events and large campaigns

Undertake the following administrative function for the stone and infinity surfaces designer incentive programmes:

  • Receive all the online submissions for ‘Designer Incentives’, verifying that the submission is in line with the programmes’ Ts and Cs
  • Collate and submit all submissions on a monthly basis for the relevant regional Branch Managers
  • Issue monthly emails notifying the Branch Managers and Consultants of the relevant incentive submissions
  • Regularly update and monitor the relevant incentive submissions spreadsheet
  • Monthly submissions to Human Resources for submitted vouchers

Work Hours:

  • Normal Working Hours : Monday to Friday from  8am to 5pm
  • Work hours will be determined to a large extent by the operations of the business. 




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