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Job Title
Product Representative
Employment Type
Full Time
3 to 5 years
Job Published
07 April 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Position: Product Representative

Location: Pretoria

Job Type: Permanent

Job Level: Junior to Middle

Job Summary:

Customer experience is a really important consideration in the modern world of business. For this reason, it is important that the service offered by the Product Representative to the design and retail customers is of a high standard. As the affordable countertop solution, its the brand that people can trust.

Minimum Education Qualification:

  • Matric
  • Diploma
  • Have a valid driver’s license

Personality and Skills

  • Have a friendly and pleasant attitude
  • Always be presentable and properly dressed in the provided uniform
  • Be reliable, responsible, and have the ability to work independently without constant supervision
  • Have good people skills and be able to communicate in an appropriate way
  • Have the ability to undertake basic administrative tasks such as report writing and record keeping
  • Be a competent driver and have a clean driving record
  • Be technically minded and have the ability to learn how to undertake minor technical repairs to installed surfaces where necessary
  • Must be computer literate


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain a good relationship with owners, managers, and designers at each company through regular return visits and good service.
  • Maintain a record of all product marketing material supplied to each showroom
  • Attend all product warrant claims and report to the Market Development Manager on the findings
  • Deliver and install any product brand display stands that may be required
  • Support  sales staff wherever possible
  • Conduct a minimum of 35 to 40 calls per week. Each day’s calls should be planned in a logical basis so that companies that are close to each other are visited on the same day
  • Submit to the Market Development Manager a weekly call report to act as a record of calls and a database of contacts made.
  • Communicate any matters of interest or changes in market conditions in that report.
  • Plan regular visits to a database of kitchen companies, showrooms, and interior designers/agencies.

On these visits, the focus should be to:

  • Strengthen the relationship with the business, the individual, and the brand
  • Check and clean of all marketing and display materials
  • Stock-up on missing samples and brochures
  • Ensure that all the display material is correctly branded and that all sales personnel know about the brand and its important selling points

Work Hours

  • Work hours will be determined to a large extent by the operations of the business. 
  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm





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